Who Runs the Show?

If anyone was watching online today, you may have noticed that they didn’t update the scores until late in the day. The feedback I’ve gotten from Tom regarding the qualifier is that the Kent County Amateur is run better than they are running this event! It’s 5:30pm and he doesn’t even know his tee time for tomorrow (the last group was done before 3pm). I guess I expected this to be run like (if not better than) a USGA event – which is done VERY efficiently & professionally. This, apparently, is not the case…

Tom was not totally unhappy with his play today…he said that even though he hit a good first tee shot, it took him a few holes to get comfortable, which is understandable. His group also was put on the clock on the 4th hole due to one of his playing partners – which is maddening when you play fast like Tom does. Fortunately he settled down & the slow player picked up his pace. It was an up & down round but he held it together to finish with an even par 72 – which is 3 strokes back of the lead & T14 overall (out of 73 players). The cut for last year was -1 after 4 rounds (at the same golf course). Again; a marathon not a sprint.

It’s hard to hear him express that he still feels pressure from people to do well (not that they do it on purpose obviously). He’s constantly getting text messages from well-wishers and that reminder that he has a LARGE group of people watching this from home wears on him. I try to get him to realize that regardless of what happens this week, this journey is far from over…but those words seem trite to this man who only accepts one outcome. Win.

Thanks for reading my words…I hope this helps keep everyone informed & makes you feel like you’re right here with us the whole way! And most of all, thank you for reading my words…writing is a bit of a catharsis for me so I really appreciate anyone who cares enough to check in.

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