When Good isn’t Good Enough

While texting back & forth with our friend Steve yesterday regarding Tom’s lackluster practice round, he made the comment that “even average Tommy is pretty good”. While in any other tournament I might agree, in this particular event, and any others to follow, good isn’t even good enough. If you don’t bring your A game, you’ll get lapped. One look at today’s scores shows you that.

Now…that being said, as I posted on Facebook earlier; Golf is a fickle mistress. -10 today can be +5 tomorrow and +1 today can be -6 tomorrow…and while the 1st scenario is unlikely, the 2nd scenario certainly is possible. Add to that the wise words of Greg Johnson, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” and you have the makings of all kinds of possibilities. Being a half-full kind of gal (most of the time), I like our odds.

Today was just one of those days it seems. I’m fairly certain that Tom’s ball was afraid of the dark. On #13 it rolled completely around the cup! It practically went in & came out! How it didn’t go in is a mystery. He also burned the edges on several holes. His ball striking on the other hand, was great. He hit 14/18 greens and when he missed a fairway, it was only at most by a foot (other than on 18, where he managed to find a fairway bunker). He’s currently trying to devise a plan for tomorrow with Mike which has included the following: hitting ‘the range’ before his round, Tom playing his tee shot & approach shots & tagging Mike in to putt for him, buying a 2-ball putter from Second Swing, putting with the claw, left-hand-low, and putting left-handed (with his right-handed putter). Yup. It’s like that.

The guys he played with today were interesting as well…I’m pretty sure one of them either has bionic ears or he turned his hearing aid up WAY too high. Early in the round he chastised Tom & the other player because they were whispering chatting off to the side of the green about 50 feet away. Then, later in the round, the other players caddy let a club lightly clink against another club while putting it in his players bag – while this guy was putting – forcing him to pull off his putt & glare at the caddy! This must’ve amused God because as he was over his putt again, a very zealous bird in a tree just off the edge of the green began cackling & generally just being REALLY obnoxious. It. Was. Awesome.

So there’s one round in the books. Three more to go. I invite you, if you’re so inclined, to say a prayer for Tom. Not for a miracle, but that God’s will be done and that whatever that is, that he grant us the grace, wisdom & acceptance of His will, because when all is said & done…this is just golf, and when we come home, our support crew will welcome him (us) as they always do, whether he finishes 1st, 10th or last.

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