What Happened?

I don’t even know what to write right now. I think, to avoid giving away too much, I’ll just say that it’s amazing how one hole can torch a good round. Don’t let Tom’s score today fool you. He was -1 when he made an 8 on #15 because he put 2 in the water. One of his playing partners put one in the water also. It’s not an especially tough hole…but let me back up & explain what happened the hole before. Short, reachable par 4, aptly names Roulette. Total risk/reward hole with water left. Tom hit a decent shot but it leaked a little left & found water. He took a drop & promptly stuck a wedge to about 3 feet & made his putt for miracle par. He felt good about that. Now back to 15 and that nasty 8. He does what Tom Werkmeister does…he went at the pin and again, lost it left. Drop another ball…put another in the water. I was beginning to have visions of Tin Cup. He managed to play the 3rd ball safely right. Well right. Add a 2 putt for an 8 and you go from -1 to +4 in one hole. I won’t even go into how the 2 bogeys that followed happened except to say it wasn’t as bad as it looks on paper.

He’s obviously pretty disappointed, because like I’ve said before…in Tom Werkmeister’s world, this type of thing is unacceptable. He simply doesn’t allow himself to have a bad round. Ever.

So goes the bad side of being a golf wife. The stress is tolerable when your man can deal with these types of outcomes and move on…and he will move on…but my God it will feel like an eternity until he does.

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