There’s Blood in the Water

By nature, sharks are only predators in search of other sea life…but it’s said that if there’s blood in the water, they’ll instinctively attack – sometimes even humans – but typically only because they think they’re other sharks. I feel like Tom didn’t realize there was blood in the water yesterday. He was just swimming along, feeding on plankton. It wasn’t until it was over that he realized it was a game of eat or be eaten. That there was plenty of blood in the water and he was almost eaten alive. He narrowly escaped with just a few bruises. That changed today. He saw the blood and he knew he needed to go on the attack.

I know, I know…if you’ve read my blogs you’ll laugh because I’m using another fish analogy. First salmon, now sharks. But if you’ve read my blogs you’ll also know that I believe nature teaches us things. Life lessons. Maybe it’s God’s way of teaching us in a way we can understand.

The important thing now is that he knows that there are lots of sharks out there and if they smell blood, they may come after him again…so he needs to be on the alert just like they are – and be just as ready & willing to attack.

If you’re wondering what “the blood” is…it’s the course. It was there for the taking yesterday & even today; just maybe not as much as yesterday. What I know about Tom is that it doesn’t take much to get him to go on the attack again. In fact, he seems to be provoked when the blood starts to go away…that’s when he starts to get hungry and take advantage of the others who may be happy after one meal. Tom stays hungry. The harder the course gets, the more he likes it. Wind? Yup. Rain? You bet! Tucked pins? Bring it. He missed his first meal, he won’t miss another one.

Obviously he has a long way to go…he’s new to this ocean and he has to learn his way around. But he will learn. He will find where to hide and when to attack. Will it be this week? That remains to be seen but if anyone can come from behind, it’s him.

Now for the funny story of the day. We started on #10. On 18, a longish par 4, the walking scorer & I were halfway down the fairway waiting for the guys to hit. We see 2 balls in the fairway & carts start moving from the tee. Then they stop. Then bionic ears jumps out, walks behind the women’s tee and stands there. Then his caddy comes over & they start looking at his yardage book together. Yup. He topped his tee shot & didn’t even clear the women’s tees! I was stunned because that’s something I would do if I had to play the black tees…not someone in final stage q-school! So he hits a nice second shot, then his 3rd to about 6 feet and missed the putt for bogey. Off we go to the front 9. On #2 I believe it was…he hits his tee shot right, catches the cart path & gets about an extra 75 yds of roll past Tom’s tee shot (which was right down the middle of course). I was in my usual spot, halfway down the fairway & started walking toward the green while our 3rd in the group (now known as mechanical man) was getting ready to hit. I came up to bionic ears & he calls over to me & says, “how ’bout that tee shot, huh! Better than the one on 18, right!?!” I chuckled & told him, “where I’m from, if a guy can’t clear the women’s tees from his tee shot, he has to drop his pants!” He then told me he thought about it but with all the sexual harassment suits flying around & me in the group…he thought better of it! (It’s okay…I wasn’t going to enforce that rule anyway bionic ears). We laughed a bit, he told me another quick story about his bar night & we bonded. He’s really not a bad guy after all…he didn’t even have to glare at anyone today…probably because mechanical man didn’t speak & Tom likes bionic ears. He thinks he’s funny. I could tell bionic ears liked him too…in fact he did tell me that he didn’t like their 3rd from the day before very much. That must explain the chastising & glaring.

Tomorrow we’ll begin our round like we’ve been doing…offering up a prayer for wisdom, grace & understanding of whatever God’s will brings for the day. Then it’s time to go hunting.

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