The Power of Negative Thinking

You read that right. For most of us, we understand the power of positive thinking. My husband only understands the power of negative thinking…the problem is he thinks it works for him. Unfortunately, that is proving not to be the case anymore. You see, he’s been allowed to dwell in that world too long. Everyone who knows him knows what I’m talking about & most of his playing partners are guilty of encouraging him – not in a “yah, you do suck” kind of way, but in a, “you don’t get it Leslie, that works for him” kind of way. He’s fooled everyone into thinking that his self-deprecating, self- belittlement mentality actually compels him to play better…and MAYBE it did before, when he was on top of the pig pile, but now it doesn’t.

So you’re asking yourself…but why did she just write the last blog talking about Tom going on the attack, now she’s making him sound like a mental midget. Please don’t misunderstand me. Tom NEVER gives up. He NEVER quits. He ALWAYS gives 100%. The problem is that part is instinctual for him. He doesn’t know any different…so while he’s trying and trying, he’s really living the definition of insanity; doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result. Tom’s caddy Mike says Tom has a natural talent for golf unlike any he’s ever seen…he just needs to get out of his own way.

That being said…just changing your outlook doesn’t always translate into a great golf game. Tom’s new friend Sonny Skinner is a perfect example. This man has the best attitude I’ve seen out here. He sweet talks his golf ball (most of the time) and maintains the most even-keeled temperament I’ve ever seen on the golf course (well, along with Randy Lewis that is). But even as positive as he is, that doesn’t guarantee him a good round of golf – his scores are proof of that. And he has the talent, boy does he have the talent. What I’m trying to say is while Tom is taking the right steps to move his mental game in the right direction, it doesn’t mean he’s going to all of a sudden light it up. It just means that golf may turn into something fun again for him which in turn will help him keep this game in perspective. Right now, as I’ve said to so many people, golf is not fun. It just isn’t. He’ll be the first one to tell you too. THAT…needs to change. I saw a Tom hit an all-time low today & it broke my heart…and while that was so hard to watch, it’s what had to happen for him to turn this ship around. I truly believe it was a “come to Jesus” moment for him. But if you’ve ever seen a ship turn, it does it slowly, but it does turn.

I’ll bet you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking if you were watching online today. Especially when going into 18 he was -2. He just had a bad hole for craps sake, right? Well, no. It was more than that. But today you’ll just have to take my word for it. Tom’s ball striking was such that if his putting would’ve been good…he’d have shot zero. Nothing. And anyone who knows Tom, knows his game revolves around his putting. Period.

So what lies in store for Tom Werkmeister? Work. Hard work. Perseverance. Patience. He WILL make it at this level. He WILL succeed. But he WILL have to change his mindset. And he knows that.

Now I’m going to change direction on you now…a complete 180. I can’t write a blog without something fun to end it on. I’m the “glass is half full” gal, remember?

The people I’ve met this past (almost) month have been amazing. From the (70ish) twin gospel singer caddies in Orlando, to Sonny Skinner, to Paul Claxton’s caddy today. Jason introduced himself to me this morning before the round and when I introduced myself back as “Leslie Werkmeister”…his response was priceless! “Oh! You’re Tom’s better half!” Well yes, yes I am! I explained to him that most people know me as “Tom’s wife”. He said, “I know exactly what you mean, I’m Becky’s husband!” He said if it weren’t for her, he’d never get a foot in the door…but once he’s in, then he has them. She’ll check on him every now & then during social functions…to be sure he’s holding his own – and he always does. Just fine in fact. You see he’s the extrovert in their relationship. Sound familiar? I do just fine when we get to wherever we go…but without Tom, I don’t want a foot in the door. I don’t want to even go near the door if he’s not there. He IS my reason for being. I AM Tom Werkmeister’s wife…and I’m damn proud of it.

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