So….What’s New?

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season! It was hectic for us, but fun nonetheless! Now that the longest month of the year is behind us (January that is) I thought I’d check in & let you know what’s been going on during the “off”season.

Tom has been to Florida twice this year; he went to Naples with Mike Boogaard the week of Jan 1st and had a chance to stay with Perry Paganelli, the NFL official who is from GR but splits his time between Harbor Springs, MI and Florida. The Paganelli’s are a well know GR family as Dad Carl Sr and all 3 of his boys (Perry, Carl & Dino) are NFL officials. Perry even officiated this year’s Super Bowl as a back judge. Perry’s brother Carl lives down there as well and rounded out their 4-some that week. Tom could not have enjoyed his trip any more than he did, that’s for sure! He got to play golf and talk football with guys who KNOW football…I’m not gonna lie, several times I was worried he may not come home.

His next trip was Jan 31st and was planned on a late evening in December with the help of Ambien (Tom) & a few beers (our son-in-law Ryan)…I woke up the next morning to an email itinerary that shows Tom & Ryan going to Florida. In a month. It was all downhill from there. By the time the trip came around, there were 8 guys going (2 of them being his sponsors). Fortunately a couple of them already planned to be there and the accommodations took care of themselves. They managed to play golf every day and came home on the 5th. My daughter & I are still deciding if Tom & Ryan will be allowed to be alone late in the evening again…who knows where they’ll go next!

We are taking a family vacation back down to Marco Island at the end of this month that will, of course, involve golf & practice as it will be Tom’s last chance to do so before the Miami Open the 2nd week of March. We’re also going to scout a place to live while we’re there because we’re going to spend November through March in Florida to allow him to keep his game sharp through the Winter months. Tom & I can both work remotely so we already cleared it with our employers to do so. We’re trying to find a place South & West of Orlando as that’s where most of the tournaments are that he likes to play in. The trick is finding somewhere to rent for only 3 months (Jan-Apr) on a rather tight budget because we already have a place to stay Nov-Dec. I’m trying not to be overwhelmed by all of this & focus on the adventure…sometimes that’s hard though!

So that’s where we’re at now. Still waiting. In a little more than a month, Tom will (finally) turn 50 and we can get this show on the road. Literally! If you haven’t seen his schedule…it’s pretty busy. I keep mentioning in conversation how he “won’t be home…” for this or that this summer. He keeps saying that I am acting like he’ll be gone all the time. Well…no…he does come home for a week or 2 here and there! I don’t know if he even realizes how much he’ll be gone! I may need to find another substiTom for anything fun that involves couples this Summer! That being said, the Michigan Open moves back to the Bear in Traverse City this year so at least I can look forward to that one…we’ve anxiously waited for it to go back there – we spent many a Summer family vacation up there because of that tournament! So many memories!

March 8th. The day it all begins.


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