No More Cold Balls!

Thank God Spring has arrived because apparently I made a critical mistake last week while Tom was gone.

I tend to like to keep a tidy house…and when Tom is gone, I indulge my somewhat controlled OCD tendencies to put everything in its place. After a LONG Winter of preparing for him to hit the road; storing various golf accessories in our front room; including a full-sized putting green, a new golf bag, several putters, several dozen golf balls and some loose practice putting balls…I decided to clean up a bit. During that process I moved a box of about 10 dozen golf balls into the garage. Yes. I MOVED HIS BALLS INTO THE COLD GARAGE! Oh. My. Gosh. You’d think by his reaction when he got home to the discovery of my faux pas that I’d just sliced the cover stock on each one of them.

Him: Why did you put my balls in the garage??? It’s cold out there!!

Me: And that’s bad why?

Him: Nobody likes cold balls! Have you ever used cold balls? They don’t feel the same.

Me: I’m sorry honey. It’s not going to be cold forever. You’re home for a month, I’m sure your balls will warm up by then.

Him: You don’t understand. They have to be kept warm.

Me: Fine. Bring your balls inside & keep them in the basement.

Honestly. I consider myself to be pretty understanding and even overly accommodating when it comes to this sport that dominates every aspect of our lives…but I’m fairly certain that cold balls never really hurt anyone. Do they feel different? Sure, I’ll bet they do; I can’t say I’ve really experienced cold balls before, but if he’s going out to play golf I’m going to guess it’s probably going to be nice out & his balls will warm up. And if he’s traveling somewhere to golf, then I hate to break it to him but his balls will be tucked away in his bag which will probably get cold in the plane.

But here is where I choose my battles. Okay honey, have it your way. I’ll make sure your balls stay warm.

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