My China doll…

Here’s something I never thought about until Tom decided to try to become a tour professional golfer; he has to be REALLY careful! Most people know about the infamous “hover board incident” in 2015 when I brought home a hover board & tried to teach him to ride it…that ended in a broken elbow. Strangely enough, the next year was one of his best golf years! That was the year he had a streak of 20+ rounds under par. Regardless, there will be no more hover boards in our home.

I once heard that Jane London’s legs were insured for $1M at one point…I’m beginning to understand why. The other day Tom was trying to get a lid off of a jelly jar which had obviously been “glued” tight…he had to reef on it to get it open and ended up straining his wrist. Fortunately, our close friend Eric Hartman is a wonderful chiropractor & he’s made time over the last few days to see him and treat him. It’s helped a lot.

Now I come down with this sinus infection yesterday…and I am running around like a crazy person in my daughter’s house with anti-bacterial wipes trying to keep everyone from catching this virus, especially Tom, insisting that NO-ONE touch anything I’ve touched. Normally I’d just accept that inevitably he’s next, but that’s simply not acceptable, we need him to get through the next week first!

These are the things you never think about when living with a professional athlete…that their hands, feet, legs – their bodies, as much as their minds – are their livelihood. I’ve had many outpatient surgeries because I was blessed with Osteoarthritis, but I’ve always been able to work while recovering. That isn’t an option with a professional athlete.

I used to jokingly call him my “Princess”…and he still is, but I think I’ll preface that now with “China Doll”…he’s my “China Doll Princess”. Good thing he’s also the love of my life…he’s become awfully high maintenance! ?

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